Eco Green Cities Are The Most Important Step Towards Sustainable Development.

Our projects on eco green cities are aiming on making a complete city turned into a zero waste city as well as aware about the enviornmental hazards which are caused or can be caused by human unawareness and ignorance. We help people as a unit along with government to make a step towards sustainable development and climate change.


Our external advisory board,  consisting of more than 50 experts from world’s top most leading global research organizations, plays a crucial role in assisting us in vetting solutions to ensure that our evaluation criteria are upheld alongwith our solutions are imactive and sustainable growth oriented.

At ICVAST GLOBE every project we curate is out of passion and a eagerness to make our earth a beautiful place to live.


We aim in helping the people to be aware about how to stop our earth from getting depleted and not fit for life. We aim in introducing technology to the eco green concepts and then working at the ground level to create an impact. We aim in getting multiple organizations, governments and people on board to help us together achieve this goal of eco green cities.

So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.

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